Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

The complete number of people experiencing severe food frailty has been on the ascent since 2015, and there are as yet a great many malnourished youngsters. The financial lull and the disturbance of food esteem chains brought about by the pandemic are worsening appetite and food frailty. Also, the upsurge in desert beetles stays disturbing in East Africa and Yemen, where 35 million people experience intense food frailty. Attributable to the pandemic, about 370 million schoolchildren feel the loss of the free school suppers they depend on. Measures to reinforce food creation and dissemination frameworks must be taken promptly to moderate and limit the pandemic's effects.

The accompanying examination ventures have been explicitly adjusted to Sustainable Development Goal 2, which aims to end hunger, accomplish food security, and improve sustenance and advance economic farming. ITU has numerous projects related to SDG2.

These tasks and activities are instances of the University's commitment to the SDGs.


ITU Restaurants and Food Services Provides Particular Programs to Prevent Food Waste.

With the ITU-SAY system, we aim to prevent food waste and take a new step in line with our zero waste targets.

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Open Digital Innovation Hub

This research aims to build a self-sustaining house which will serve as an Open Digital Innovation Hub (ODIH) for the entrepreneurs and researchers.

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The Campus is a Happy Home for Many

Our university is trying to provide an environment where everyone can smile.

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Heirloom Seeds into The Campus Garden

Cooperating with the Buğday Association for supporting the ecological life (est. 2002), volunteer students have started vegetable beds in the Taşkışla campuss, as a part of the project “Nature friendly Urban Gardens – Seeds to the Campuss” by Buğday.

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