ITU thrives to increase the number of sustainable buildings in terms of water and energy efficiency. Energy-efficient mechanical and electrical appurtenances are used in these buildings. Mercury-free LED lighting is one of the applications within this scope. In order to increase the share of renewable energy use in total energy consumption, photovoltaic panels were installed on top of the roofs. In general, LEED standards are followed during the installations. Two new buildings (Information Technologies and Agro – Informatics Research Center Buildings) on the campus have applications to get a LEED certification. Moreover, a sustainable energy production facility has been built receiving 1.6 tons of organic waste per day that is generated in the ITU refectory. The collected waste will be converted to biogas and then into electricity and heat through an energy generator. 30 kWh of energy per day is planned to be produced in the facility and surplus energy will be used to meet the energy demand of nearby prototype offices.

This project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals: