Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Overall utilization and creation, a main impetus of the worldwide economy, depends on utilizing the indigenous habitat and assets in a model that keeps on prompting dangerous effects on the planet. The pandemic offers nations an occasion to manufacture a recuperation plan that will switch current patterns and change utilization and creation designs towards a manageable future.

The accompanying exploration ventures have been explicitly adjusted to Sustainable Development Goal 12 and the plan to guarantee feasible utilization and creation designs. These ventures and activities are instances of the University's commitment to the SDGs.


We are Managing Our Waste

Waste production and recycling is controlled under Turkish Government and ITU policies.

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Open Digital Innovation Hub

This research aims to build a self-sustaining house which will serve as an Open Digital Innovation Hub (ODIH) for the entrepreneurs and researchers.

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ITU Restaurants and Food Services Provides Particular Programs to Prevent Food Waste.

With the ITU-SAY system, we aim to prevent food waste and take a new step in line with our zero waste targets.

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Promoting Conscious Water Use

ITU has a social responsibility project called Tears of Water (Suyun Gözyaşları in Turkish) aims to give free seminars and workshops to primary school students in order to increase the consciousness in water use.

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Energy Efficient Buildings

ITU thrives to increase the number of sustainable buildings in terms of water and energy efficiency. Energy efficient mechanical and electrical appurtenances are used in these buildings.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting and Appliances

ITU promotes use of safe, economic and aesthetic lighting armatures with low energy consumption and energy-efficient appliances have been adopted in indoor and outdoor areas.

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ITU Green Campus Project

ITU has declared several ambitious targets and projects concerning increase the use of zero emission vehicles, pedestrians’ paths and bicycle roads.

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A Game of Climate Change: CAMAPOLI

A climate change, adaptation and mitigation game based in Istanbul

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ITU projected the first Super City of Turkey!

A team from ITU designed “zero energy, zero waste and self-sufficient ecological city that produces its own needs” in Eskisehir Kocakır.

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