ITU has policies on ethical sourcing of food and supplies, in accord with the Turkish Standards and Legislations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (reviewed in 2020). Waste management guidelines of the University (created in 2015) clearly indicates handling and minimization of waste material with/without hazardous materials including plastics and disposable items. Both policies are extending to the external services provided by/for the university.

ITU is recycling its waste with 67%. Waste generation and recycling performance in ITU is tracked in two ways: With the data provided by the waste collection company and by ITU itself. Waste comprising plastic, paper and metals, are collected in 62 blue containers, whereas glass are collected in green-white containers located at 5 different locations. Furthermore, used oil is collected in green bins located in 2 different locations. All other waste is collected in grey containers. Using the total numbers of each container, the frequency they fill up, and the related waste density, the university is able to track the total and recycled waste produced. Sustainability performance of ITU is reported and published annually in university activity reports.

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This project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals: